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Economics : Case Final


Running head: ECOLOGY1EcologyStudents NameInstitutional
AffiliationECOLOGY2Estimating Damages to the Ecosystem from the
2010 Gulf Oil SpillThe Gulf oil spill was and still is the worst
oil spillage incident in American history. Theincident happened on
the 20th of April 2010 in which the Deepwater Horizon of the Gulf
ofMexico oil rig exploded and sank in the ocean. Gas and oil
leaking BP pipe on the ocean floorwas the cause of the explosion
that killed eleven people.The oil spills from the wells spread over
the water surface causing damage to the marinelife resulting in
their deaths. The dispersants used to break down the oil had
adverse effects onmarine life since they were able to ingest the
oil. The combination of the dispersants used and oilare more lethal
to marine microorganisms as compared to the oil itself.Much marine
wildlife died as a result of the oil spillage judging from the
number ofpelicans, turtles and big fishes that washed up to the
beaches. The seabirds were also harmed inthat any contact with the
water surface caused clogging of their feathers making it hard for
themto fly. In general terms, the numbers of marine life declined
tremendously after the oil spillageincident.Willingness to Pay For
Renewable EnergyIssues about energy in most countries are moving
from bad to worse mainly due to thenegative effects of
non-renewable energy resources on the environment and also due to
the riskof the depletion of these energy sources. …

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Economics : Case Final
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