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Engineering : Electrical Engineering


Running head: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TERMSElectrical engineering
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Date1ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TERMS21. Blackbody radiation refers to
a system which absorbs all radiation surrounding a bodyin a
thermodynamic equilibrium whereby, its intensity can be described
as a functionof frequency for a fixed temperature.2. Wave particle
duality is the concept that exhibits light is not only composed of
particlesbut also waves.3. Quantization of energy refers to light
being considered as a packet of energy.Photons- are elementary
particles of electromagnetic radiation that are considered asthe
smallest discrete amounts.Phonons- are quasi-particles associated
with vibrational energy that emanate fromoscillating atoms within a
crystal such as sound.Electrons- are very small pieces of matter
and energy whose electric charges arenegative one elementary
charge. The symbol of an electron is e-.4. Photoelectric effect- is
phenomenon in which a material releases electrically
chargedparticles when it absorbs an electromagnetic radiation.5.
Heisenberg uncertainty principle- The position and the …

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Engineering : Electrical Engineering
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