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Engineering : Natural Gas And Development Of Renewable Energy


RENEWABLEENERGYNatural Gas and Development of Renewable
EnergyStudents Name:Institutional Affiliation:1NATURAL GAS AND
DEVELOPMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY2The delivery of natural gas may
offer various disadvantages to the development of otherrenewable
energy sources such as wind and solar. To curb the rampant growth
of natural gas, thegovernment has posed regulations on industries
regarding interaction with both the natural gas aswell as those of
the renewable sources. The government should fund highly on the
renewableenergy products which should be through incentives and
proper research compared to those ofnatural gas. Researchers from
educational institutions that have made significant discoveries
inthe field of renewable energy need motivation through the
provision of government-fundedproposals. Spontaneous motivation
will ensure that renewable energy projects make progressover time
(NPR Choice page, 2019).Apart from this, wind energy, as well as
solar-powered projects, may be influenced tocontinue in its use of
this power through the reduction of the tax levied to these
projects. Thisinfluence will spur the wi …

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Engineering : Natural Gas And Development Of Renewable Energy
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