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Running head: SMART GRID1Smart GridName of StudentInstitution
AffiliationSMART GRID2Smart GridQuestion 1: Market Domain,
Operations Domain, and Service Domain RolesMarket DomainMarkets
refer to areas used in the purchasing and selling of grid assets.
The playersthat operate in a market domain are involved in the
process of exchanging prices while at thesame time focusing on
making sure that the levels of demand and supply realize a state
ofbalance in the power sector. The different boundaries that
prevail in the area of the marketdomain comprise of the operations
domain, the assets responsible for supplying the domains,as well as
the customer domain. In the event of the operations domain, it
facilitates controloperations whereas the domains supply assets
relate to areas related to generation as well astransmission
efforts (NIST, 2010). Regarding the customer domain, it mostly
handles issuesrelated to customers on matters related to
electricity.The interaction that prevails between markets domain
with the domains responsiblefor the supply of energy are quite
crucial. The reason for this is that the matching generationof
power consumption mostly revolves around the markets. The domains
associated with thesupply of energy comprise of the DER
(Distributed Energy Resources) together with the BulkGeneration
domain. In the event of the DER, it is mostly found in Customer,
Distribution, aswell as Transmission domains. The CIPs (critical
infrastructure pr …

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