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Engineering : Systems Engineering Case Iss


Running head: SYSTEMS ENGINEERING CASE-ISSSystems Engineering
Case-ISSStudents name:Institutional affiliation:1SYSTEMS
ENGINEERING CASE-ISS2Systems Engineering Case-ISS1. In systems
engineering terms describe the fundamental problem (s)
encountered.Example: This appears to be a case where requirements
were not clearly defined,analyzed and documented. No configuration
management process was implementedand interfaces were not
adequately definedOne thing that is an outright engineering problem
in this case is the failure to involve allstakeholders in the
design and making of the project from the inception of the project.
The caseclearly indicates that the project was initially a NASA
affair but they decided to include othercountries later on. What is
even more challenging was the inclusion of Russia later on,
whichposed grave compatibility and integration challenges to the
program. The program cites that theRussian team came with other
designs and knowledge in the working of the space
stationtechnology.Another core challenge is the failure to have a
definite schedule through which the teamshould work to deliver the
final product. The challenges in knowledge compatibility, sharing
ofinformation among the teams from the participating nations, and
challenges to understandintegration and compatibility needs of the
modules of the system all led to the delay of thedevelopment of the
system and modules. This then led to delay of the completion …

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Engineering : Systems Engineering Case Iss
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