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Engineering : Wimax.edited 1


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Name:Course:Date:WiMAXIntroductionWide area network has a filled a
considerable gap in the new internet connection. The useof this
network has helped in the improvement of the Worldwide
Interoperability for MicrowaveAccess, commonly known as (WiMAX).
The broad support in this modern system of wirelesstransmission has
helped in the education section in various ways, thus promoting
learning. Thetechnology has also accrued the level of business
operations, which has helped in filling thepotholes in the economy.
Therefore, this research aims at exploring more details on how
theWorldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access has helped the
schools, business, andhotspots.Importance of WiMAXImportance of
WiMAX to BusinessBusiness CommunicationThe use of WiMAX technology
has also improved communication in the business sector.One of how
technology has achieved this is through the communication sectors.
To begin with,the use of Wireless VoIP services has facilitated the
process of research (Smith et al. 23). Thecurrent and most modern
method of research is the voice call interview. Most research
company,especially those that conduct their student on
international respondents. the technology enablesSurname 2them to
get valid feedback from the respondent and on time, thus making
them have a betterdecision regarding the business or investment.The
use of this method is also cost valid for this nature of
communication. T …

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Engineering : Wimax.edited 1
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