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English : Business Ethics.edited 1


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Name:Institution Affiliation:Date:BUSINESS ETHICS2Business
EthicsBusiness ethics is the study of the right business practices
together with the policiesconcerning the contentious matters like
the bribery, corporate government, corporateresponsibilities
towards the society and the executor accountabilities. Practicing
ethics is veryimportant to any business for its success. Ethical
standards are important for business attributes.There are several
ethical business activities that are required to be implemented by
anybusiness. These are; Social responsibility and the Strauss Levi.
The social Responsibilitiesinventiveness can be of greater value to
any ethical practices of a business (Wang et al., 2016).Involving
your business into the opportunity of community services and
introducing programs ofdifferent collaborations, for example, the
collaboration of the Levi’s will enable the growth of yourbusiness
through having the positive panorama from the community.Another
ethical business practice is to conduct business training of
Standard Microsoft.The employees under Microsoft department must
complete …

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English : Business Ethics.edited 1
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