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English : Discussion Historic American Works


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WorkThe document signed when the United States gained independence
was termed as theUnanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United
States of America. The reading is an Americanhistorical work
written and signed in 1776. The country gained independence in
1776, and thedocument was used to hold various signatures of
representatives who witnessed the accession.The purpose of the
document is to record the unfolding event that happened in the day
the U.Sgained independence from the Great Britain Colonies. The
document also presents a statementthat describes how God created
men as equal and holds the right towards liberty, life, and
pursuitof happiness (Congress, 1). Therefore, the document
presented a reason for independence andequality and the declaration
of the thirteen United States of America.The document starts by exp

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English : Discussion Historic American Works
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