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English : Drunk Driving


Running head: DRUNK DRIVING1Drunk drivingNameInstitutional
AffiliationDRUNK DRIVING2Drunk drivingThesisThis paper seeks to
present an argument that stringent law enforcement,
includingsobriety checkpoints, Driver Alcohol Detection System for
Safety (DADSS) could help toeffectively inhibit drunk driving. I
chose this topic because drunk driving has become apervasive
problem being experienced by road users today, but drivers
perceived them to be lowerrisk. Notably, nearly 29 individuals die
in alcohol-related crashes in the US daily (Niederdeppe,Avery,
& Miller, 2017). Besides, death or injury caused by motorists
due to drunk driving iscompletely preventable and avoidable.
Alcohol diminishes the brain function and impairsdecision-making,
thus making a drunk driver unable to concentrate while driving.
This poses aserious threat to road users. Ineffective laws such as
taking offenders licenses have made themenace enduring, therefore
endangering lives of many road users.Strict measures to prevent
drunk drivingStern laws offer effective deterrence program for
drunk drivers. Setting up sobrietycheckpoints, for instance, helps
to apprehend drunk drivers during th …

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English : Drunk Driving
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