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English : Epiphany Essay 1


Running head: EPIPHANY ESSAY1Epiphany EssayStudents
NameInstitutional AffiliationEPIPHANY ESSAY2Epiphany EssayIn the
contemporary world, young people sometimes have the feeling that
they areimmortal, and this is, in most cases brought by the fun,
life, and the friends that surround them intheir youthful vitality.
Besides, the young believe that life is long and nothing else will
cometheir way if not good life and nothing terrible is close to
their lives. In most places around theworld, teenagers have the
feeling that since they are full of life, death is nothing close to
theirglamorous lives and that makes them never worry of anything
terrible will come close to thembecause they are young. The
surprising part of these stories is that I also used to believe
that Iwill never die, but the fact is that I was wrong.In the whole
of my youth, I used to believe that I have the whole life with me
in thefuture, and I will not and will never die young. In my
childhood, I never thought that my youngfacial creatures and skin
of the newborn would never wear out. I knew I was never going to
dieanytime soon because I had a lot of dreams, goals, and
activities to accomplish …

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English : Epiphany Essay 1
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