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English : Fake News.edited


Running head: DANGERS OF FAKE NEWSDangers of fake newsStudent
NameName of InstitutionCourse12DANGERS OF FAKE NEWSDangers of fake
newsFake news has a tendency to cause tension between the public
and the government invarious countries. It has been noted that, the
tension created in different countries between thegovernment and
the public is as a result of fake news that is presented to the two
groups viasocial media. The tension generated hinders the progress
and the running of social activities thatare conducted by the
citizens of a given nation. Besides, the interaction between the
two groupsis hindered, and hence no communication can occur due to
threat generated via the spreadingfake news. Fake news caused
severe threat to the America democracy during the 2016 election.The
fake news made the citizens to undermine and fail to trust the
elected government. The news …

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English : Fake News.edited
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