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English : Letter


Running head: TECHNOLOGY AND SMARTPHONESEffects of technology
and smartphonesNameInstitution1TECHNOLOGY AND SMARTPHONES2Effects
of Technology and Smartphones13th June 2019.Insert Name3200 College
Park Dr,Conroe, TX 77384,Dear classmates,Technology and the
constant use of smartphones are entirely interfering with our
actual sociallives. Yes, through technology, we have social media
that enable us to interact with people indifferent locations around
the world. But these are virtual friends that technology has given
us. Welack friends who can come to our rescue in cases of
emergencies where we need immediate help,and our virtual friends
are not available (Waytz & Gray, 2018). This is making us
lonely since welack somebody to watch over our backs. Technology
and smartphones are thus making us morealone as shall be
divulged.With the introduction of social media, par …

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English : Letter
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