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English : Married Vs Unmarried Couples Revised


1Running head: MARRIED VS UNMARRIED COUPLESMarried vs Unmarried
CouplesStudents name:Course:Date:2MARRIED VS UNMARRIED
COUPLESIntroductionDeciding to become a couple is a major move in
life. It shows that the relationship isheading towards a given
direction. At the same time, it shows that the people coming
together havedeveloped emotional maturity and are ready to make
compromises for the sake of their partners.Tom and Julie are a
married couple. They have stayed in marriage for over eight years.
Jake andRobin, on the other hand, have been in a relationship for a
while and started living together as anunmarried couple three years
ago. Both Tom and Julie as well as Jake and Robin have
decisionmaking behavior that make them similar as couples. However,
differences between thesecouples begin to appear when it comes to
the level of commitment to one another andsatisfaction with their
relationships.Similarity between the couples (Decision making):
Paragraph one explains Tom and Juliessituation, Paragraph two
explains Jake and RobinsThe first aspect that shows the similarity
of these couples is decision-making. Tom consultsJulie when he
wants to make both major and minor decisions because any choices
impacts both oftheir lives. Consequently, Julie goes to Tom for
opinion whenever there is something that needsdecision-making. The
couple has made this a habit to the extent one cannot make a
decisionwithout the chipping in of their partner in any c …

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English : Married Vs Unmarried Couples Revised
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