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Running head: WASH CLEAN THE BONESWash Clean the
BonesInstitutional AffiliationStudent NameDate12WASH CLEAN THE
BONESWash Clean the BonesThis is quite an overwhelming piece of
writing, which focuses on how the massivedeath of the black people
doesn’t affect anyone. It focuses on a young lady, Alma,
theprotagonist, who can’t bear the killings that are happening at
their backyard including her ownfamily n friends to an extent of
wanting to obligate suicide on her baby. Being a wedding singer,she
has now shifted to be a funeral singer just because funerals are
more frequent than weddings(Thompson-Spires, 2018, 180). Using high
levels of irony, conflict is quietly acquired where awar between
the police unit and the innocent citizens is experienced.
Resolution is not quiteentirely given but only hope from God as the
central character is a believer.In this short story, there is quite
a lot of heartbreaking themes like hopelessness isshown in various
parts. Alma is unable to fix what is happening around her. The
deaths areonly making her feel hopeless to an extent she wants to
drown her baby Ralph by herself thanto see him killed. Another
theme that s …

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English : Mash15301.edited
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