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English : Nouns 10 Minute Lesson


NOUNSThe Joy of Syntax Casagrande&The English Language: A
Users Guide – LynchDefinition of a NounAccording to Casagrande, a
noun is a person, a place, or a thing.Thing here means both
tangible and intangibleA noun is a subject of a verb.A noun is
described by an adjectivePronoun is word that can function as a
noun, e.g. he, she,..Nouns are Categorized and understood
indifferent ways;Count and non-count nounsNumbersGenderCaseProper
verses commonCount Nouns & Non-count Nouns Count nouns contain
both singular and plural. Something countable like asong. Non-count
do not contain both singular and plural. They refer to
abstractthings for example, music, courage,..etc.Proper Nouns and
Common NounsProper Nouns Names of persons or places, e.g.David,
Ohio,.. Are Capitalized Do not change in plural formsCommon Nouns
Names of class of objects,.. Forexample, Child Are not necessarily
capitalized Plural form changes e.g. berry berries, child –
childrenSubcategory of Nouns Nouns are further subcategorized
into:-Attributive Nouns-Collective Nouns-The Verbing
NounsSubcategories of Nouns Attributive Nouns – Nouns that precede
words they modify attributively; forexample, a staff meeting. Staff
is an attributive noun modifying the meeting. Collective Nouns
Nouns referring to more than one person or thing, forexample,
council, family, …

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English : Nouns 10 Minute Lesson
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