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1Running head: INFLUENCE OF MOBILE PHONESInfluence of Mobile
PhonesStudents NameInstitution2INFLUENCE OF MOBILE PHONESInfluence
of Mobile PhonesIntroductionTechnology refers to various
techniques, processes, skills, and methods that are
usedcollectively to produce goods or give service to facilitate the
achievement of set objectives.Technology has been adopted in
various areas including construction, biotechnology,communication,
energy and power, manufacturing and transportation. The adoption
oftechnology in these areas has allowed for the production of
quality and better services for humanbeings. Communication is one
area that has been impacted the most by technology. Technologyin
the communication industry has made it possible for people to
exchange messages in realtime. Mobile phones are the marvels of
technology in the communication industry contributingto the
revolution. The discussion below gives an in-depth analysis of
mobile phone technology toidentify the benefits and costs
associated with. Measures to address the adverse effects
associatedwith them will also be identified and analyzed.Positive
effects of mobile phonesEnhances communicationThe advent of the
mobile phone and its continued innovation has given it the power
toimprove communication between and among people. Currently,
smartphones have made itpossible for people all over the world to
communicate variously. Smartphones can use theinternet which allows
people to make video cal …

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