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English : Read This Excerpt From Act 1.edited


Running head: CHARACTER TRAITCharacter TraitStudents
NameInstitutional Affiliation1CHARACTER TRAIT2Character
TraitsFollow the directions for each type of question below.Read
this excerpt from Act 1, Scene 2CAPTAINFor a while, you couldn’t
tell who would win. The armies were like two exhausted
swimmersclinging to each other and struggling in the water, unable
to move. The villainous rebelMacdonwald was supported by foot
soldiers and horsemen from Ireland and the Hebrides,and Lady Luck
was with him, smiling cruelly at his enemies as if she were his
whore. ButLuck and Macdonwald together werent strong enough. Brave
Macbeth, laughing at Luck,chopped his way through to Macdonwald,
who didnt even have time to say good-bye orshake hands before
Macbeth split him open from his navel to his jawbone and stuck his
headon our castle walls.DUNCANMy brave relative! What a worthy
man!Question 1 (2 points)For the above excerpt, which character
trait best describes Macbeth?Question 1 options:the best
charaAnxiousCowardlyBraveCHARACTER TRAIT3ExcitedQuestion 2 (1
point)Type the quote from the excerpt above that best shows the
character trait you chose.Question 2 options:”Macbeth chopRead the
following excerpt from Act 1, Scene 3ROSSThe king was happy to hear
of your success, Macbeth. Whenever he hears the story of
yourexploits in the fight against the rebels, he becomes so amazed
it makes him speechless. Hewas also shocked to learn that …

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English : Read This Excerpt From Act 1.edited
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