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English : Reflectipon Essay


Running head: REFLECTION ESSAY1Reflection
EssayAuthorInstitutionREFLECTION ESSAY2IntroductionFor the most
part, the ride has not been without turns here and there. However,
thelearning experience has been breathtaking. Over the course of
this class, I have interacted withcourse materials, research
materials, discussion threads, and gained a greater insight into
howcertain topics develop in the public domain. I believe that my
learning activities have helpedtransform my perception on a given
phenomenon, as well as, shape my opinion. Additionally, Ican
constructively contribute to debates, as well as, conduct research.
The following is areflection of my learning experience. The
reflection will seek to show that I have achieved theset objectives
for Eng-123 through the persuasive essay prepared earlier on.
Additionally, theessay will show the important milestones, as well
as, skills enhanced or achieved during thecoursework.LanguageThe
aim of learning English is to be able to produce reports, in
excellent language. Thisensures that facts can easily be separated
in the work making the objectives of the researchclearer (Wallwork,
2012). I believe that this course has helped me to achieve the
objective inquestion. For instance, by preparing many assignments
on a broad array of topics, I have learnedto interact with
different topics. Additionally, I have learnt to write several
types of essays suchas informative essays, argumentative essays,
and persuas …

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English : Reflectipon Essay
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