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English : Restaurants 2.edited


Running head: RESTAURANTS1Fast Food Chains and Fine Dining
RestaurantStudents NameInstitutional AffiliationRESTAURANTS2I.
IntroductionTopic Question: Is eating in the Fast Food Chains
considered healthier than in fine diningrestaurants?Many people are
on a diet and the need to know which type of restaurants wouldmatch
their calorie intake scale.Thesis Statement: Eating in Fast Food
Chains is healthier than eating in Fine DiningRestaurants.Why the
need to know the health benefits of eating in fast food chains and
Fine DingRestaurants.II.Main Idea 1: Health-related complications
are on the rise due to unhealthy eating habits.1. Many people
believe they are what they eat.2. Some people need to have control
of the calorie intake in their bodies.3. People need to know the
effects of their choice food from the places they chose to
takefood.III. Main Idea 2 …

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English : Restaurants 2.edited
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