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English : Scared Straight


Running Head: SCARED STRAIGHT1Scared
StraightName:Institution:Tutor:Module:Date:SCARED STRAIGHT2Scared
Straight1) Briefly describe the events and at least one of the
juveniles and inmate involved in theepisode.In Scared Straight
1978, a group of juvenile delinquent teenagers is taken to New
JerseysRahway State Prison to witness firsthand the horrors of
prison life. The exercise was intended tomake them abandon any
criminal activities and to be model citizens.The rebellious nature
of the teenagers is outlined before they enter the prison, bragging
abouttheir various negative vices. In their encounter with the
inmates, they are subjected to activitiessuch as screaming and
belittling in an attempt to terrify them to avoid prison
life(MIXEDMADNESS). Hours later, after their horrendous encounter
with the inmates, thejuveniles emerge with changed attitudes with
each one stating their firm desire to stay out ofprison.A notable
juvenile involved is Marlene, a 35-year-old now. Her engagement in
drinking alwaysdrove her into crime. Leading a model life now, her
experience with the inmates made her decideto become a better
person and she eventually stopped her …

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English : Scared Straight
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