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Environmental Science : Discussion For School.


Running head: GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMSGenetically Modified
OrganismsNameInstitutional Affiliation1GENETICALLY MODIFIED
ORGANISMS2Genetically Modified OrganismsDiscussion for SchoolThe
issue of genetically modified organisms has raised various
reactions among themembers of the public in different parts of the
world. Some are opposed to the innovation as theyperceive it as
unethical. On the other hand, some view it as the foundation of
addressing the issueof food shortage in various nations (Niina
Heikkinen, 2016). In my opinion, the geneticallymodified organisms
are fit for human consumption following a reason that no
significant effectshave been associated with it.In most cases, the
GMOs are developed by just altering one or more genes to make
anorganism resistant to biotic or abiotic factors. In the past,
farmers crossbred the organisms toimprove their survival in the
environment by incorporating the desired genes. This was
notconsidered dangerous to human health or the environment. Since
it is the same principle which isapplied in the GMOs, it is right
to infer that they are not dangerous to either environment orhuman
beings. The principle used in …

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Environmental Science : Discussion For School.
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