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Environmental Science : Landscape Planning And Analysis Final Edit


tutorCourseDateDevelopment of Community Resilience with Green
Infrastructure in Urban AreasProject OverviewThe modern landscape
is faced with a high danger of unsustainability andunpredictability
due to human activities. Land for agriculture, habitations for wild
animals, rain,and stable and unpredictable weather patterns among
others are becoming rare due to theexploitation of landscape by
human activities, especially in urban areas. In urban areas, there
aretoo many people that one can barely find a vacant land.
Additionally, it is where environmentalpollution through emissions,
water disposals, and waste emission into body sources is
highest.Many states, communities, organizations, and individuals
try to develop strategies that will helpovercome the problem of
misusing landscapes. However, landscape planning and analysis
canhelp many urban areas be able to regain from overexploitation of
landscapes to more sustainableand efficient use of it. One of a
strategy that can help in restoring landscape health and
stablecondition for future planning and sustainability of land in
urban areas is green infrastructur …

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Environmental Science : Landscape Planning And Analysis Final Edit
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