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Environmental Science : R290 Healthcare In Foreighn Countries


Foreign CountriesInstitutional AffiliationDate1HEALTHCARE IN
FOREIGHN COUNTRIES2Name of country: CubaType of government:
Presidential democracyType of healthcare system: Free healthcare
system nationally which is governed by the Cubanministry of
healthPopulation: 11,492,078 (2019 estimate)Per capita gross
domestic product: $ 96.85 billion (2018, estimate)Ethnic groups:
Whites, Black Africans, MulattosAccess to healthcare: since the
Cuban government runs a nationwide healthcare system that isfree,
it assumes both fiscal and operational responsibility of the
well-being of all nationals. Thereexists no privately-owned
hospitals and other individual healthcare Centers in Cuba as a
result ofall healthcare centers being run by the Cuban government.
Cuba is credited with performingbetter historically when it comes
to infant mortality and life expectancy compared with
othercountries in the region. There exists a physician assigned to
nearly every homestead to assistpatients that cannot make it to the
hospital and a family counselor.Quality of care: A vast percentage
of Cubas achievement in the area …

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Environmental Science : R290 Healthcare In Foreighn Countries
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