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Excel : Business Statistic


Running head: BUSINESS STATISTIC1Business StatisticStudents
NameInstitutional AffiliationBUSINESS STATISTIC2Business
StatisticThe selected journal article for the analyzing is Gender
Difference in CustomerSatisfaction and Brand Loyalty towards
Banking Services by Mittal, Agrawal, and Gupta(2019).Explanation of
the HypothesisThe authors of the study were testing whether there
exist is a significant differencebetween male and female concerning
customer satisfaction, client loyalty, satisfaction fromtangibility
dimension and the responsiveness dimension of the banking services.
Other factorsregarding customer satisfaction with the banking
service included reliability, empathy, andassurance of service
delivery by banks.Analysis of the ConclusionIn my opinion, I agree
with the authors’ conclusion based on the review of their
statisticalanalysis results and findings. Notably, the results
indicated that there was no statisticalsignificance with between
customers satisfaction a number of tested variables such
astangibility, responsiveness, assurance, and loyalty. Nonetheless,
reliability and empathy highlycontributed to customer satisfaction
with ban …

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Excel : Business Statistic
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