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Experiments you can make FLY


Here at Science Sparks, we love experiments you can make fly. We’ve got different types of rockets, paper spinners, parachutes and even a paper helicopter. Which will you try first?

All these science experiments are great for learning about forces. Gravity, friction and air resistance are all examples of forces you need to consider when making things fly!

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Experiments you can make FLY
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Experiments you can make fly

Bottle Rocket

One of my most popular science experiments is our water-powered bottle rocket. This one takes a bit of setting up, but it can be used repeatedly, so it is definitely worth the initial effort. You can also buy a bottle rocket kit which makes it a bit easier.

We decorated ours, but that’s completely optional.

The lovely image below is taken from This Is Rocket Science which includes complete instructions for how to make a rocket and 69 other fun space-themed experiments and activities,

Squeezy Bottle Rocket

Learn about Newton’s Third Law with this easy squeezy rocket. The little rockets on top of the bottle are made from foam, but you can use folded paper sealed at the top to make it easier.

Squeezy Rocket – Image Taken from This IS Rocket Science

Film Canister Rockets

We love these exploding chalk rockets from Growing a Jewelled Rose or try our slightly less colourful film canister rockets.

Film Canister Rocket

Paper Helicopters

We found these awesome ( and simple to make ) helicopters in the fantastic new Easy Paper Projects book from Red Ted Art.

Paper Aeroplanes

Tinkerlab makes some brilliant paper aeroplanes. Try having a competition to see who can get their plane to fly the furthest. This is great for a bit of measuring practice too.

Straw Rockets

These easy straw rockets are super simple to make and fly amazingly well. Red Ted Art also has some fun bee themed shooters made using the same technique.

Paper and Straw Aeroplanes

Red Ted Art has some brilliant paper and straw aeroplanes that look very easy to make. You could also try making a giant version!

Milk Jug Rocket

Milk jug rockets are super easy to make. You need an empty, clean milk jug and a cardboard or paper cone.

Milk Jug Rocket – Image taken from This IS Rocket Science

Paper Spinners

We loved these paper spinners too. Try making big ones, little ones and even tiny ones to see which fall the fastest.

Paper spinners

Mini Baking Soda Powered Bottle Rocket

This mini baking soda powered bottle rocket is a brilliant garden science project. Watch out, as it shoots up with a bang!

Mini Baking Soda Bottle Rocket

Do you have any more ideas for flying experiments for us?

If you enjoyed these activities, don’t forget to check out my gravity science experiments and activity ideas for learning about forces too!

Experiments you can make fly

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