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Film : Research Essay 2000words


Surname 1NameProfessorCourseDateQuestion 8The Role of Comedy in
Orange is the New Black and GLOWIntroductionTelevision productions
nowadays cut across dramatic elements which are critical to
incorporatehumor to give the storylines a more entertaining tone
than before such that the programs are bothfunny and informative
(Lieberman, et al. 498). The humor element makes such
programsrealistic because it is embedded in certain truths and
facts of life. Two examples of comedydramas are Orange is the New
Black and GLOW which are television series. Orange is theNew Black
is a popular television series courtesy of Netflix which launched
it in 2013 as aprogram that focuses on the various life
circumstances which different female inmates face(Kohan). The
program, therefore, highlights diverse personalities, races, and
social classes aswell as the issue of gender through the
performances of the different characters. The comedy in itmakes the
storyline riveting for the audience (Martin and Nicholas 502). On
the other hand,Carly Mensch and Liz Flayiye created GLOW as a
comedy-drama series that also highlightsvarious stereotypes
regarding females and minorities, and it is a fictional production
that reflectsthe 1980s women professional wrestling syndicate which
was developed by David McLane andit was known as Gorgeous Ladies of
Wrestling (GLOW (Flahive and Mensch). In the latter, theSurname
2women also portrayed various personalities, a …

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Film : Research Essay 2000words
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