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Film : Role Of Color And Lighting In Film


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Lighting in FilmColor is an essential aspect in film making since
it provides the mood that is beingpropagated in the production.
Spring Breakers and Amelie both use dark lighting to
createdifferent feelings for the viewers. Depending on the goals of
the directors, using specific colorpalettes will promote their work
and ensure understanding by all the involved parties.The Martian is
a 2015 science fiction film that focuses on the life of an
astronaut whowas left behind on the planet (Scott). The director,
Ridley Scott, focused on using a reddish hueto present the setting
of the film effectively. This created the understanding that the
film wasfocusing on Mars, and not earth. By using this hue, there
is the creation of a surreal world andthe adequate knowledge that
the film is set in Mars. The mood in the …

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Film : Role Of Color And Lighting In Film
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