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Film : The Relationship Between Crime And Femininity


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Relationship Between Crime And Femininity (Or Being A Woman) In
OrangeIs The New Black And Jessica Jones.Crime and femininity have
been portrayed to have a similarity to some extent in the TVseries
Orange is the New Black and Jessica Jones. While each of the two
series has takendifferent dimensions of crime, both attribute the
incidences of crime, factors leading to crime,and the high rate of
crime to femininity. In particular, each series portrays women in
society asthe main driving force that creates opportunities for
crime to prevail. This essay will explore therelationship between
crime and femininity as portrayed in the two series. I argue that
the two TVseries gives visibility to femininity in society and use
stereotypes that spread negative culturalideologies about the
relationship between crime and femininity in society.The
Relationship between Crime and Femininity in Jessica Jones and
Orange is theNew BlackJessica Jones is an American web television
series that is available on Netflix. The TVseries created by
Rosenberg Melissa is based on the Marvell Comics. The main
character, JessicaJones, is a former superhero who is possessed
with superhuman strength that gives her limitedability to fly. Even
as she runs her own detective agency to investigate her criminal
experienceand traumatic past, she is depicted as a character with
post-traumatic stress disorder, a trait thatforms the foc …

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Film : The Relationship Between Crime And Femininity
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