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Flying Snowmen and Santa Hats


Make flying santa hats or snowmen for a fun, festive STEM challenge! All you need is an empty milk container, paper and tape.

You’ll sometimes see this activity called a rocket mouse, as traditionally the cone is made to look like a mouse.

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Flying Snowmen and Santa Hats
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You can theme the paper cones however you like. Reindeers would also work well for a Christmassy feel.

You’ll need

Paper or card

Felt tip pens


Milk container



Create a cone with the paper and tape.

Place the cone on top of the milk container.

Use both hands to squeeze the milk container and watch as the cone shoots up into the air!

Why does the cone shoot into the air?

When you squeeze the bottle, the air inside is forced out through the top. The force of the air against the rocket top sends it shooting upwards. The harder you push the sides of the bottle together, the greater the force of the air leaving the bottle and the higher the cone will go!

Investigations to try

How can you make your snowman cone fly higher?

How can you slow down the flight of your snowman?

Can you set up an investigation to find out what happens if you use a smaller container? Which conditions do you need to keep the same?

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