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Free Autumn Treasure Hunt


Autumn is a great time of year to get outdoors. Crisp colourful leaves, shiny conkers and falling pine cones make forests and woodlands the perfect way to recharge after a busy day!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

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Free Autumn Treasure Hunt
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This FREE autumn treasure hunt is a fun and simple way to keep kids busy while you walk!

Take a pencil and tick items off as you find them.

More autumn treasure hunt ideas

Collect as many different shaped leaves as you can and identify them with a book or tree identification app.

Make a face, object or something else recognisable from a selection of leaves, sticks and seeds.

Great tree and plant identification apps

These free tree and plant identification apps have kept my kids entertained on lots of walks recently and we’ve all learned a lot about different trees!

Tree ID app

The Wildlife Trust has a free tree id app that’s easy to use and great fun. The app is for mostly British trees but is still a great way to learn to identify trees from their leaves and other features.

The Tree ID app doesn’t use photos, but instead users select leaf shape, colour and other characteristics allowing the app to offer ideas for what the tree could be.


I tested Leafsnap on an indoor and outdoor plant and it correctly identified both plants from just one photo!

The app did try to get me to sign up, but the free version was enough for what we needed.


PlantSnap also correctly identified two plants in my test. It works all around the world and currently recognises 90% of all trees and plants.

The app also gives information about the plant which is a nice added feature.

Do you have any apps you use on walks? I’d love to hear about them!

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