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Geography : Amcor Limited And Bhp Billiton Limited Sustainability Reporting


Course TitleStudent NameInstitution Affiliation1Amcor Limited
and BHP Billiton Limited Sustainability ReportingA sustainability
report entails the environmental, economic, and social impacts of
anorganization’s everyday activities. It also entails a company’s
values and models of governance, aswell as the organization’s
strategy and its commitment to a sustainable world economy.
Throughsustainability reporting, the organization is able to
measure its economic, social, andenvironmental performance and then
appropriate goals to cope with change more effectively.Amcor
Limited and BHP Billiton Limited are two of the leading Australian
companies withefficient GRI or sustainability reporting that enable
them to maintain global sustainability. Thesetwo companies are both
similar and different in their sustainability reporting techniques
in severalways;As one of the main packaging companies globally,
Amcor manages to fulfill the interestsof its stakeholders while
also ensuring that the environment is kept safe, a strategy that is
beneficialfor both the business and the environment around us. The
company’s sustainability approach isbased on its products,
operations, and capabilities. This approach is also the same as the
one BHPuses, as it bases its focus on values, putting the health
and safety of the people first by ensuringthat the company remains
environmentally responsible in supporting the communities.
Thisensures the wellbeing of the people, the community, …

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Geography : Amcor Limited And Bhp Billiton Limited Sustainability Reporting
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