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Geology : Human Geography


Running head: HUMAN GEOGRAPHYHuman GeographyNameInstitution
AffiliationAuthors Note1HUMAN GEOGRAPHY2The Tanzanian rap musician
from Morogoro who composed the song”Nitakuongopea” is known as
Prof. Jay.a. Mambo Jambob Mr. II.c. Prof. Jayd Juma. MadowekaThe
forest people whose culture is based largely on hunting and
gathering are called ________?a. CentralAfriqueb Pygmies.c. Zokelad
Malawians.Which of the following is not an element of rap and ragga
performance in Malawi?a. Fightingb Competitio. nc. Masculinityd
Dance.The most popular BaAka hunting dance in the late 1980s is
known as_______________.a. Jujub. Zokelac. Bebokad. Mabo_______ is
an urban dance music based in the Central African Republic city
ofBangui.HUMAN GEOGRAPHY3a. Mabob. Zokelac. Zougloud.
Soukous____________ is a dance music performed by a line of women
related by residentialcamps or clan.a. Dingbokub Yelli.c. Mabod
Mokondi.The women polyphonic vocal chorus among the pygmies of
Central Africa is__________?a. Bebokab Mabo.c. Zokelad Yelli.The
predominantly male genre with related symbols of Rastafarianism and
dreadlocksassociated more w …

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Geology : Human Geography
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