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Health & Medical : Euthanasia


Running head: EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED SUICIDECourse titleStudent
nameInstitution affiliation1EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED
SUICIDEEuthanasia and Assisted SuicideThe word Euthanasia was
derived from classic Greek words which mean good and death,in
modern society, it a means to an end the life of someone with the
intention of reducing theirsuffering whenever treatment is no
longer working, or recovery is not an option, and this onlytakes
place in the cases of terminally or incurably ill. It can be
executed in two different ways,for instance, active and Passive
Euthanasia. Active euthanasia occurs whenever someonerequests the
physician to end the life of the patient due to massive suffering
for example whenlarge doses of drug are given to the patient to
hasten death, but passive is whereby a decision ismade to withdraw
supplementary that prolong life for example not performing an
operation thatcould extend the life of a patient amid suffering.In
the events where physicians are faced with a challenge to care for
the dying patients,there are a number of decisions that they have
to make regarding how to proceed with thetreatment. Many of the
choices affect the life of the patient in one way or the other,
recentdiscussions have emphasized on the morality of euthanasia and
seeks reexamination of theethical nature of the practice and if it
is in the best interest of the patient (Griffith &
Tengnah,2013). Nurses are always mandated to provide quality health
care, but …

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Health & Medical : Euthanasia
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