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Health & Medical : Fall Prevention


Running Head: FALL PREVENTION1Fall
PreventionNameInstitutionCourseDateFALL PREVENTION2Interventions
for fall risk in HospitalsFall among older populations is a common
condition which is to blame for the death andinjury to many
patients. Fall prevention is necessary to help the victims to cope
with theirconditions and reduce the risks of functional decline in
the frail patients. The first effectiveintervention to reduce falls
among older patients is patient referrals to lower the
strengthening ofextremity among this population. It is also
important to review the medication in the patientsthat may cause
orthostatic conditions (Cameron, Gillespie, Robertson, et al.
2012). In case ofsevere complications, it is important to consider
neurology referral and examine the memory andurinary incontinence.
A head CT would also help in identifying the potentials cause of
the falls.Upon proper assessment of the risks of fall, it is
important to subject the patient to physicalexercise therapy
programs to improve their strength, gait, and balance. The patients
should alsobe withdrawn from psycho-active medication and then
subjected to orthostatic hypotensionmanagement (Ca …

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Health & Medical : Fall Prevention
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