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Health & Medical : Healthcare Delivery System


Running head: HEALTHCARE SYSTEMHealthcare Delivery
SystemStudents NameInstitutional Affiliation1HEALTHCARE
SYSTEM2Healthcare Delivery SystemBudgeting income for a family to
be able to afford insurance for children has become atough task
especially if the parent is a low earning parent. Therefore, they
are sometimes forcedby circumstances to make tough choices when it
comes to income and the health insurance inorder to be able to
afford or at least try to provide health care services to their
children whenneed be. The children health care insurance needs to
be paid (Bilimoria, 2015) and able toprovide the services required
at any point because they are more vulnerable and prompt togetting
sick easily. Making tough income and health choices like taking up
a part-time job on topof employment in order to afford the extra
cash for paying the children insurance is part of thosetough
choices. Some have even resulted to taking up jobs that they do not
love doing becausethey provide health insurance for their children
and even quitting employment to do part-timejobs as full time just
to get enough money to be able to give health insurance for their
kids.Yes, some …

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Health & Medical : Healthcare Delivery System
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