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Health & Medical : Him 2652 Electronic Health Record Systems


2652Electronic Health Record SystemsCritical Thinking Assignment
SystemFountain View Hospice: Case Study1. What else could the
hospice have done to prevent having to completely reimplement
theHER?The Hospice could have undertaken to back up a copy of their
HER system alongwith the data they backed up. Such a backed-up
system would not run on a live environment,but rather would simply
be a stored version of the existing EHR system stored and ready
forinstallation and use if any damage was to occur on the existing
one. Such a backup wouldhave prevented them from having to purchase
and install a completely new system,(,
2019).Additionally, they could undertake to run a similar HER
parallel to the one they arecurrently using. Such a system would be
fed the same information as the current HER andalso run live and in
real time as the current one. The hospital could then simply
migrate to thenew platform when the current one is damaged, with it
serving as both an HER system and abackup. This would eliminate the
need for a complete do-over as well as substantial costs.The use of
cloud-based HER system would be the best solution as they would
offersimilar performance at a relatively low cost and with less
risk and exposure to a physicalonsite system, (ElationHealth,
2019).A final solution, though less common …

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Health & Medical : Him 2652 Electronic Health Record Systems
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