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Health & Medical : Human Sexuality


Running head: Human Sexuality1Human SexualityStudents
NameInstitution AffiliationHuman Sexuality2Human SexualityQ. 1Other
than physical characteristics, there are other traits common to men
that make themmasculine. Masculinity is associated with
independence, self-confidence, aggressiveness,competitiveness, and
ability to deter from emotional effects. Traditionally, these
traits have beensocially ingrained in men so that they can provide
for the females in the society.Q. 2Women, on the other hand, are
sensitive to what happens around them and in this way, can
relatewith their environments, including people around them. Women
are also receptive,compassionate, and radiant. In this way, women
bring the balance between the differencesbetween the traits
exhibited by men.Q. 3First, I would be surprised and shocked if I
found my son playing with Barbie dolls. Naturally,boys are supposed
to develop an innate liking to masculine toys, which goes the same
for girlsdeveloping affection and affinity to soft toys. The shock
and surprise would come about becausesons playing with the Barbie
dolls could be an indicator that they have a hormonal
imbalance,which is m …

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Health & Medical : Human Sexuality
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