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Health & Medical : Law Requirements


Law RequirementsHCS/430 Version 8University of Phoenix
MaterialLaw RequirementsComplete the following chart.Statutory
lawRegulatory lawDefine the law (45to 90 words).Identify
stakeholdersinvolved in law (45words).Differentiate
theconfidentialityrequirements of the law(45 to 90 words).This is a
type ofwritten law whichis generally passedby a body of
thelegislature. Thistype of law isusually created bythe
governmentdeliberately throughthe electedlegislatures andofficial
legislatures(Pozgar, 2018). Thestatutory laws don’tallow courts to
readbetween the lines ofthe law presented tothem for them tomake it
fit theneeded application.Regulatory laws arethose laws in
whichthey deal withThe stakeholdersinvolved in statutorylaw are the
primary,secondary, and criticalstakeholders. Theprimary
stakeholdersare often directlyaffected by the law,the secondary
isindirectly affected,and the keystakeholders are theindividuals
who canhave a positive ornegative effect on thelaw.Doctors need
toascertain that theymaintain confidentialitywith their patients.
Insome cases, a patient isoften worried aboutdiscussing their
healthcondition due to fear ofconfidentiality. Whenthe doctor
breachespatient confidentiality,certain statutoryoffenses will
happen.Patients also need toshare their healthcondition with
theirdoctors to be providedwith adequate servicessince there are
statutorylaws that govern them.When a patient disclos …

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Health & Medical : Law Requirements
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