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Health & Medical : Medicare And Medicaid


Medicaid in VirginiaName:Institution:InstructorCourseDateMEDICARE
AND MEDICAID IN VIRGINIA2Medicare and Medicaid in VirginiaLocate
the Web site for your States health departmentVirginias Health
Department website is The
websiteshomepage provides links to the various services that are
offered by the health department. It alsohighlights the several
programs that run under it with a detailed explanation. The
homepage alsoprovides links to the various health care services
that are available to the public.Summarize eligibility criteria for
the Medicaid program in your state of residenceVirginias Medicaid
program was started in 1965 as a program for health insurance
forpeople earning income which is low. Senior people in nursing
homes, disabled people, womenwho are pregnant, children as well as
families that are working are the ones that are mostlycovered by
the Medicaid Insurance. Over 834,000 people in Virginia have
medical insurancecoverage in Medicaid (Alley, Asomugha, Conway,
& Sanghavi, 2016, p. 9). Funding of theMedicaid insurance is
done jointly by the federal and state dollars and the state is
mandated withits administration. There is matching of the dollar in
federal funds with each dollar that Virginiaspends.Those who can be
able to receive coverage are determined by eligibility levels.
Based onpersonal income and assets, the state sets elig …

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Health & Medical : Medicare And Medicaid
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