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Health & Medical : Medicinal Marijuana


Running head: CONTROVERSIAL TREATMENTControversial
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CodeDate1CONTROVERSIAL TREATMENT2IntroductionOne of the major
controversial treatment policy is the medicinal marijuana
debatewhich has become a major topic of discussion in the medical
fraternity. Despite the fact thatthe debate over the potential of
marijuana providing medicinal benefit has gained momentum,some
states have not legalized the use of marijuana. Besides, very few
states and agencieshave consented to Medicinal Marijuana. On the
other hand, the few who have legalized theuse of marijuana for
medicinal purposes have recorded numerous adverse reactions
andchallenges that pose complications and controversy over the
medicinal marijuana use.Although the main objective of using
marijuana for the medicinal purpose is to offertreatment to various
complications, it should only be used when the traditional methods
fail.Controversial TreatmentMarijuana is one of the major drugs
that has been abused and led to a global ban on itspossession and
use. On the other hand, there is sufficient evidence showing that
it can be usedto treat conditions such as heart disease,
hypertension, and diabetes type II, sleep apnea, etc.The states
that have legalized marijuana use have also achieved their
objectives of controllingits use, sales and distribution (Chang,
Stoll, Song, et al., 2014). On the other hand, the statesthat have
failed to legalize the …

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Health & Medical : Medicinal Marijuana
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