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Health & Medical : Mucosis


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MUCOSIS1MucosisNameInstitutionCourseDateMUCOSIS2Some Conditions
that Might Predispose a Person to MucorAmong the major conditions
that might predispose a person to mucor are the preexistinghealth
problems and medication which may end up lowering the ability of
the body to fightsickness and germs. The preexistent condition that
may expose a person to mucor includescancer and diabetes
ketoacidosis (Ibrahim, Spellberg, Walsh & Kontoyiannis, 2012).
Also,people who have undergone an organ transplant, stem cell
transplant, or under drug injection arealso at risk of acquiring
mucor (CDC, 2019a). Individuals with a low number of white
bloodcells or those who have used corticosteroids for a long time
may also be at risk of mucorinfection (Muqeetadnan, Rahman, Amer,
et al., 2012).Those who have suffered skin injury due to wounds or
burns, as well as those who havetoo much iron in the body leading
to hemochromatosis or overload of iron, may also be at risk
ofacquiring mucor infection (Gomes, Lewis & Kontoyiannis,
2011). Low birthweight orpremature birth may also expose an
individual to mucor. Use of antibiotics weakened theimmune system,
and steroid a …

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Health & Medical : Mucosis
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