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Health & Medical : P573 A Literature Review Analysis.edited 1.edited


Running head: A LITERATURE REVIEW ANALYSISA Literature Review
AnalysisStudents NameProfessors NameCourseDate1A LITERATURE REVIEW
ANALYSIS2A Literature Review AnalysisMental health issues like
schizophrenia have been established that they can be treatedwithout
medication. Patients with this mental health issue need to live
quality lives, which canonly be achieved if they engage in physical
activities and eat healthy diets. Based on thepresented capstone,
studies have confirmed the PICOT question, Patients with
schizophrenia (P)educational module (I) compare to none (C) Have a
good quality of life (O). Analyzing thestudies conducted in the
literature evaluation table would provide an in-depth understanding
ofthe problem being studied and help in identifying significant
areas for future research.Comparison of the Research QuestionsBased
on the studies identified to support the picot question, the
research question in thestudies are interesting and fill a gap in
the research literature. Still, they are feasible since
theresearchers had access to participants, research materials,
time, and money. The consideration ofthese factors demonstrates the
efforts of the researchers in pursuing the research to
contributenew and comprehensive information to the research
literature. For instance, in the study by Munaet al., (2015), the
researchers aimed at identifying a comprehensive definition of
schizophrenia.In the process, they identified how factors li …

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Health & Medical : P573 A Literature Review Analysis.edited 1.edited
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