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Health & Medical : Pathophysiology


Preventative MeasuresNameCourseInstructorMay 14th, 2019The
liver, gallbladder and pancreas are some of the most vital organs
in the human body.This makes it quite important for all these
organs to be kept as healthy as possible. There arevarious ways
through which diet can be improved as well as feeding habits to
ensure that theseorgans are not overworking or inhibited from
performing their roles in the digestive system andthese
include:LiverTo ensure that the liver is healthy, some of the
things that should be done includeadopting a habit of eating a
balanced diet and drinking lots of water. Other ways of keeping
ithealthy include, avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol,
toxins and illicit drugs. Exercisingregularly also helps in keeping
the liver functioning at its optimal level. The last option
ofkeeping the liver healthy is by maintaining a healthy weight.
Being obese or overweight exposesthe liver to the possibility of
the fatty liver disease which affects the livers functions
negatively(Cabot, 2014).Gall BladderThe function of the gallbladder
is storage of bile that is importance in the digestiveprocess. The
way through which the gall bladder can b …

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Health & Medical : Pathophysiology
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