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Health & Medical : Patient Pathography Analysis.edited


Running head: PATIENT PATHOGRAPHY ANALYSISPatient Pathography
Pathography AnalysisIntroductionMany individuals in the sphere of
life tend to be under the influence of specific social andeconomic
conditions in relation to their health status. In other words,
these social determinantsassist in influencing an individual or
people in health status. The places, in which people areborn, live,
operate, and perish, tend to be fashioned by the spread of
resources, strength, and cashat regional, state, and world levels.
In world history, many people’s biography has beencontrolled and
shaped by a number of sociological forces that have affected the
outcomes of ourlife experiences.Sociology can refer to as the
scientific study of a society, its interactions, relationship,and
culture and how they interact with each other. Thus, through social
psychology approach,individuals are able to understand the
behaviors of people. According to C. Wright Mills, thevital element
to social change was basic knowledge that was possessed and
obtained throughcritical thinking. Through this concept of believed
he discovered a concept known associological imaginations. This
concept has helped people to understand how their
personalexperiences link with the broader community.The people
determine People’s lives, success, and failure we relate with and
the kind ofenvironment we grow in. Most of the time many people
focus …

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Health & Medical : Patient Pathography Analysis.edited
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