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Health & Medical : Policy Proposal


UNIVERSITYNHS-FP600404/29/2019Dashboards It refers to the graphical
display of various major performanceindicators that need to be
regularly monitored.They provide a single view that carries much
information within theorganization (Watson & Jackson 2016).They
are important when it comes to healthcare management.They
streamline hospital operations.Dashboards creation enable the
tracking of the metrics while makingpossible changes.Challenges
leading to benchmark According to the data dashboards, various
changes would need to bedone.The changes would ensure that there is
a general improvement in thehealthcare system (Ghazisaeidi et al
2015).Through it, it becomes easier to identify where the firm
shouldconcentrate much on.It also makes it easier to make
comparison with other organizations.Increase the readmission
chances.Poor data keepingProposed changes Improvement in cultural
diversity Improving he working environment for the medical workers.
Keeping good record of the health care matters. Fair competition of
the institution with other health centers in themarket Equality
standardizationEffect of the proposal on stakeholders It would
enhance unity among them. It would create better environment that
encourage working. The workload would be reduced. The working
conditions would be automatically improved. The …

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Health & Medical : Policy Proposal
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