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Health & Medical : Risk Management


Risk ManagementNameInstitutional AffiliationRisk Management Risk
management in healthcare setting alludes to a systematizedendeavor
to recognize, examine, and reduce, where necessary,peril to
organizational assets, staff, visitors, and patients. Risk
management is a vital tool when used effectively and inproactive
method in managing and identifying risks. In the case of any
disaster in the organization, the outlinedprinciples of risk
management should be used to restore thecompanys environment to
normal ((American Society forHealthcare Risk Management, 2011)Risk
ManagementRisk management is accomplished through the following
methodsAnalyze risksEvaluate risksManage risksIdentify
risksEstablish the contextFactors Influencing Risk Management The
concept of risk management in the healthcare settings isinfluenced
by various factors which include: The leadership and the management
of the healthcare institution The resources available in the
healthcare institution The type and the nature of the risks Type of
technologies employed in risk managementRelationship Between Risk
Management AndQuality Management Despite the fact that risk
management and quality managementare perceived as two different
concepts, they have various thingsin common (American Society for
Healthcare Risk Management,2011). The healthcare institution can
formulate a way of integrating thetwo concepts to augment t …

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Health & Medical : Risk Management
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