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Health & Medical : Risk Managemnt.edited


Running head: RESPONSE1ResponseStudent NameName of
InstitutionCourse2RESPONSEResponseFantastic post. I agree that
people working in a given organization should be aware oftheir
duties and responsibilities in order to minimize the errors as well
as risks experienced in anorganization. The challenging task within
an organization facilitates the process by which theemployees can
recognize and facilitate core organization functions (Hopkin,
2018). In addition, Iagree that the risk manager has key
responsibility such as developing the risk management policyas well
as updating the policies, facilitating risk awareness culture
within the firm, establishingpolicy and structure, coordinating the
risk management events as well as compiling riskinformation and
report preparation for the organization board. It is also good to
ensure that theadministration has critical support …

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Health & Medical : Risk Managemnt.edited
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