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Health & Medical : Therapeutic Assistant


Running head: HUMAN SERVICE WORKERHuman Service
WorkersNameInstitutional AffiliationHUMAN SERVICE WORKER2Human
Service WorkersA career in human service work entails helping
vulnerable groups meet their social needsagainst competing forces
that hinder them from free access to such needs. Mofat (2011)
opinesthat the role of a human service worker is to help
individuals become more self-reliant. Onecareer path in the field
of human service work is a therapeutic assistant. A therapeutic
assistant istasked with the role of assisting people suffering from
physical injuries or another form of illnessthat affect their
physical mobility to help them gain a wide regain a wide range of
movement orto relieve pain. This can be done through guided
physical exercises, manipulation of specificbody muscles, training
on how to gain strength, and muscle stretching. On top of this
therapeuticassistants offer instructions as well as motivation to
their patients to ensure they derive fullbenefits from their
therapy sessions.Access to human services is not equal to all
groups. Some groups suffer from unduedisadvantages when it comes to
access to human services. A good example would …

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Health & Medical : Therapeutic Assistant
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