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Health & Medical : Topic 1 Interview Arrangements Proposal.


Arrangements ProposalStudents NameInstitution Name1INTERVIEW
ARRANGEMENTS PROPOSAL2Topic 1For my interview arrangement, I
decided to pick a professional health organization calledthe
American Public Health Association. This organization is
responsible for the organization ofpublic health professionals.
Founded in 1872, the organization is solely focused on thepromotion
of public health and the environment within. For the interview
arrangement, I will bemeeting with Georges Benjamin, who is the
executive director of the health organization and hasserved in that
position since 2002. In his experience, Georges has held a
countless number ofinterviews, and this makes him the perfect
candidate for the arrangement. In the meeting, thereexist a series
of questions which range from the direction of the organization to
prospects in thehealth industry. The reason for such questions is
that the American Public Health Association isat the forefront in
providing direction to the health industry and this means that they
havemassive systems in place to provide leadership for
professionals in the field (Apha, 2019).The …

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