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History : 13521637 Chinese History.edited


Running head: CHINESE HISTORY1Chinese HistoryNameInstitutional
affiliationDateCHINESE HISTORY2IntroductionChina has had some great
leaders throughout history. Some of these leaders did playdifferent
roles under different circumstances including getting the country
through one or moreperiods. The conversation around the success of
a leader is often subjective because however aleader is looked at
from, he/she may be successful or a total failure at the same time.
MaoZedong and Deng Xiaoping are examples of Chinese leaders who
served under different periodsin history. Both leaders ruled at a
time when China was transiting from a traditional society intoa
modern society, and their leadership, especially their ability to
develop a united country, wasvery instrumental to the process of
modernization. Deng worked under Mao before assumingpower following
his [Maos] death, and this enabled him to learn from his
predecessors failuresand successes to become one of Chinas greatest
leaders.Mao ZedongSuccessesAfter the Civil War, and upon the
victory of Communism thereof, China needed a leaderthat could unite
all her citizens despite their differences. Mao, who was the leader
at the time,stood farm and delivered a strong central government
that ensures peace and stability (Ebrey &Liu, 1996). Mao Zedong
worked with other Communist leaders to create a new country for
theChinese people; and country anchored on empowering workers and
peasants and limitin …

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History : 13521637 Chinese History.edited
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